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I'm just your average breastfeeding, babywearing, attachment parenting and cloth diapering crunchy mama/military spouse.

A Daily Dose of Mush – The History of Baby Purees

Birdie’s 6th month on this earth is fast approaching, and I can’t help but feel the pressure to feed her mush. Mushy rice cereal. Mushy peas. How does runny peach mush sound to you? Or maybe mystery meat mush with gravy? Have … Continue reading

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Help Shape Legislation for Breastfeeding/Pumping in the Workplace

The US Department of Labor needs your feedback to help shape legislation for The Reasonable Break Time For Nursing Mothers law. By clicking here, you can leave a 2000 word comment that will remain unchanged when it is provided to … Continue reading

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2011 Cribsie Award Nominations

Hello friends! It’s time to nominate your favorite products, brands, services and websites for babies and tots.Sponsored by, the Cribsies are poised to become THE definitive hot list for new moms. It took me less than 5 minutes to … Continue reading

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The Baby, The Budget, And the $20 Teether

My baby bird is crying and nawing on her hand while I do my own bit of sniffling over the sad state of our bank account. The truth is, I have teether-toy envy. I keep seeing Sophie the Giraffe everywhere … Continue reading

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I Need Your Touch To Get Me Through My Day

Today while taking a bath with Birdie, a great song, “Little Bit of Feel Good” by Jamie Lidell, played through the portable speaker set The Cubs Fan gave to me for Christmas. And as I was singing the chorus, Little … Continue reading

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My Heart Has Always Known You

My Beautiful Bird, Even before you began to grow inside of me, my heart already knew you. And when my arms were ready to hold you, I asked for you to come to me and fill in the puzzle space … Continue reading

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The Road to Motherhood

At 19 I was prescribed a baby. What?! Prescribed? Yes. After an invasive surgery, I was found to have endometriosis, a condition where the lining of the uterus grows in places it shouldn’t. In my case, it was on my bladder, bowels and ovaries. … Continue reading

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