A Love Story

Once upon a time there was a curly headed brunette who spent her childhood climbing trees, singing songs and playing sports. She was smart but not bookish, and viewed herself as somewhat above the petty drama that was associated with growing up (even though she delighted in juicy gossip and a good makeout session). In her third year of high school, the draw of adventure elsewhere was too strong to bear, so she graduated early and moved four hours east content in her heart that she would never live anywhere but Texas.

Around the same time (but starting 6 years earlier) a rambunctiously precocious boy was ripping across the United States. He hailed from the open plains of Kansas and the mountain ranges in Colorado only to find himself back in the heart of it all: The Lonestar State. Due to his heightened intellect and inability to sit still, he found himself spending countless hours in the school library where he served his “detention,” a punishment that gave him countless hours of pleasure devouring page after page of written word.  After graduating from high school, this boy spent the next couple of years living in a tree house in Mexico and serving alcohol to spring breakers and vacationers alike. Eventually the cool ocean breezes and sweating tumblers of cerveza were traded for the sticky East Texas heat and sweating pitchers of cheap beer in the name of education.

And it was there, in muggy East Texas underneath the boughs of loblolly pines that our girl and boy found each other. In the oldest town in Texas, there lies a hotel wherein the boy and girl simultaneously worked; He, in the exclusive club reserved for the town’s socialites, and she in the humble cafe that served those who weren’t rich or old enough for the club.  Despite the cost of membership, the exclusive club shared a menu with the tiny cafe, and the boy found himself visiting the girl at the hostess stand more and more often under the guise of needing to borrow some menus. In this fashion a friendship was built that would form the cornerstone of something greater.

Fast forward two tumultuous years during which the boy nursed the girl through three surgeries and long bouts of chronic pain. They treaded through full course loads and 30 hour work weeks to find themselves on the bank of a new shore as alumni wielding fancy diplomas.  In the spirit of new beginnings and in celebration of their growing love, they were married that July, and by December they packed their belongings to begin their life together.

The girl who vowed to never live anywhere other than Texas found herself living outside of the United States in the lap of Italian culture and cuisine. They lived at the base of the Italian Alps in a century old Italian “fort” made of layers of cement painted yellow.Their life as a military couple overseas was full of travel, food and friendship but also heartache as the girl’s body continued to plague her with insufferable pain.  Finally the couple was driven to make the hard decision to leave Italy and return to the United States with the hope that an American doctor could somehow alleviate her suffering. Five days before the couple was scheduled to leave Italy, the couple hugged and cried in the hotel bathroom while clutching a stick with a tiny blue plus sign. After a year and a half of trying, they were going to have a baby.

Fast forward again through 9 months of unceasing morning sickness and growing pains to the birth of a beautiful baby girl in the state of California where the couple now resides. This baby girl, their little beautiful bird, is the force around which their lives revolve.

And with her, the love story continues.


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